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Dutch Harbour is a safe place to lay up your floating equipment. Ships up to 180 m in length and with a max draft of up to 5,5 m can be accommodated.

  • Floating access means

    Floating access means

    Through 700 m of connected pontoons a safe and easy access to ships is provided. The harbour has very limited tidal movements and waves.

  • Camera surveillance

    Camera surveillance

    24h camera surveillance system

  • Garbage disposal

    Garbage disposal

    Household waste of crew can be disposed of free of charge. Other wastes can be disposed of through dedicated containers per waste-stream, arranged by Dutch Harbour.

  • Free wireless internet

    Free wireless internet

    A fast and wireless network / internet connection is available.

  • Shore power

    Shore power

    Your ship can be connected to a shore power electricity connection box of 400V / 230V, 50 Hz, through own or hired wires.

  • Fresh water

    Fresh water

    Drinking water for the crew of the ships can be supplied through several available connection points.

  • Crane services

    Crane services

    Lifting jobs can be arranged, by own crane or by hired crane through affiliates.

  • Alarm-systems


    Several alarm / security systems are available or can be arranged. GSM notification, burglary alarm, power failure, fire alarm, etc.

  • Sales / Auction

    Sales / Auction

    This harbour is a perfect spot to place your vessel when it is to be sold or auctioned. Changing of crews / ownership and flags, is normal for Dutch Harbour.

  • General Security

    General Security

    The Dutch harbour team occupies the harbour office during normal office hours. Outside office hours the team is quickly available. The yard is secured from the road by an electrically operated gate, managed by the team and a GSM system.

  • Storage


     For stocking goods and objects is approx 1 ha available. For shorter or longer term.

  • Safety


    The harbour entrance from the water is secured by a winch operated floating barrier.

harbour masters

Carsten Tromp

Carsten Tromp

Clint Zevenbergen

Clint Zevenbergen